To strenthen inspection for major imported goods at the end of the year    
In order to successfully fulfill the task of revenue collection in 2018, the General Department of Vietnam Customs has requested units to actively implement their tasks and provide solutions to improve business environment and facilitate enterprises engaged in import and export activities, promptly handle arising problems under their competency relating to Customs procedures, tax policies, tax administration, accounting mechanism, tax refund, tax exemption and remove shortcomings and support enterprises in tax payment.
MOIT is reviewed the measure of suspending transit scraps    
By implementing the Directive 27/CT-TTg of the Prime Ministry on some urgent solutions for strengthening the work of management on importing and using scrap for production material, in order to ensure the proper implementation with current regulations, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has coordinated with related ministries and sectors on developing a Circular stipulating on suspending temporary import and re-export business for some kind of scraps and a Circular stipulating on the border for importing scrap.
Policy support capital for SI: From the case of HCMC    
In recent years, there have been many policies from central to local to support enterprises in supporting industry. However, enforcement of the policy still has many things to discuss.
Tariff preferences upon export of goods to EU    
The Ministry of Industry and Trade promulgated the Circular No. 38/2018/TT-BCT prescribing the certification of the origin of goods according to the generalized system of preferences (GSP) upon export of goods to EU, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey.
Vietnam’s strategy on development of the mechanical engineering industry up to 2025 with a vision to 2035    
According to by 2035, the Vietnamese mechanical engineering industry will be developed with the most advanced technology, international quality products, and further participation in the global value chain. , economical and effective use of energy, and fair competition in international integration; Professional, disciplined and high-qualified labor force, active in the research, design and manufacture of mechanical products, basically meet the demand of mechanical products of the domestic market.
Guidance on requirements for unloading of imported waste at cargo ports    
The General Department of Customs has recently promulgated the Official Dispatch No. 6644/TCHQ-GSQL on instructions for management of scrap imported into Vietnam.
New Vietnam product classification system    
On November 1, 2018, the Prime Minister promulgated the Decision No. 43/2018/QD-TTg on the Vietnam Product Classification System.
Vietnam maintains anti-dumping duties on H-shaped and coated steel products    
According to a decision issued by the Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade, the country maintains anti-dumping duties on H-shaped and coated steel products imported from China and the Republic of Korea.
Ninh Binh province to develop supporting industry    
Measures to attract investment in supporting industries (especially in automobile industry) of Ninh Binh province has many remarkable results, contributing to promote the development of automobile assembly and manufacturing sector.
Import quota for scraps    
According to the instruction by the General Department of Vietnam Customs to local Customs Departments, the Customs authority shall not carry out the registration of Customs declaration for imported scraps if the importer does not declare the certificate of imported scrap in the Customs declaration, or declare the certificate of eligibility for scrap imports that is invalid, has no longer import quota and does not attach documents of the Customs dossier via the e-Customs data processing system.