The smartphones were made at the Vinsmart smartphone manufacturing plant, located in the Vinfast automobile manufacturing complex in Dinh Vu-Cat Hai Industrial Park in Haiphong City.

The plant is expected to manufacture some five million products annually during the first phase, with designs meeting international standards IPC-A-610 set for electronic manufacturing plants.

Vingroup founded Vinsmart Company and announced its venture into electronic products nearly six months ago.

Vinsmart’s electronic devices, including the upcoming Vsmart smartphones, leverage European advanced technology. Besides this, most of the manufacturing phases, ranging from product design, research, and development to production, are managed by BQ, a leading Spanish technology firm and Vinsmart’s new business partner.

With ownership of up to 51% in BG Company, Vinsmart can make full use of BG’s experts in product research and development.

Further, Vinsmart aims to establish collaborations with the world’s leading technology companies, such as Qualcomm and Google, under its cooperation agreement with BG to stay updated on the latest technology trends in the smartphone industry.




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