Established in Vietnam in 2012, Vietnam Mobile Research and Development Centre (SVMC) has been responsible for developing the entire software system and features for several Samsung phones, such as the Galaxy V, Galaxy J, but Galaxy A7 is different. While Galaxy V or Galaxy J are mid-range phones, Galaxy A7 is nearly a high-end phone, only behind flagship models like Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Note. This proves that the level of software engineers in Vietnam is not inferior to other countries and SVMC is increasingly trusted by Samsung’s leaders.

The most difficult part of the Galaxy A7 project was the camera design, as this is Samsung's first phone with three rear cameras. In the first phase, the project engineers of SVMC had to co-operate with User Experience (UX) designers from Korea and India to research and then step-by-step develop application platforms for the product.

There were many problems during mass-production, but thanks to close co-operation with Samsung Electronics Vietnam (SEV) and Samsung Electronics Vietnam-Thai Nguyen (SEVT), SVMC engineers could quickly review and shorten the processing time.

Over the past 10 years, Samsung has grown steadily in Vietnam, with high-tech manufacturing complexes in Bac Ninh, Thai Nguyen, and Ho Chi Minh City, with a total investment of over $17.3 billion. As a result, Vietnam has become Samsung's global manufacturing base, employing 35 per cent of Samsung's global staff and providing up to 40 per cent of Samsung's products. With the development of this production base, SVMC has also been growing at a steady pace.

At first, SVMC engineers only undertook software upgrades or localised additional features to better suit certain markets. It was not until 2014 that SVMC was assigned the first major project to develop products for the Galaxy V – which was only sold in Vietnam.

In 2016, SVMC took on its first original project for the J1, which was followed by other original projects related to the J series, like J2 or J7 Pro, which are all mid-range phones. 

The contribution of Vietnamese tech know-how to Samsung’s applications is increasing. Besides Southeast Asia, SVMC has extended its influence to Australia, New Zealand, then the Middle East, Africa, and even the EU. SVMC, as announced by Shim Won Hwan, has become one of Samsung's most important R&D centres globally.