TNG’s garments are made of eco-friendly natural fabrics, such as modal and bamboo yarns.

TNG Investment and Trading JSC has  promoted eco-friendly closing with modal yarns were made from ancient oak trees in northern Europe, bamboo yarns were produced from fast-growing bamboo sourced from Asian countries.

The company is trying its best to build their eco- friendly production image.

The technology employs heat to knit garments rather than using the conventional techniques of sewing and seams. With the fully automatic production line from Europe, it can directly produce finished products and shorten the production process by eliminating the fabric laying, cutting, and sewing process. TNG is the first in Vietnam to use heat pressing technology to produce shirts.

With the ambition to bring the TNG brand to Asia, Europe, and the US over the next 10 years, the company has invested in materials treated with nanotechnology provide natural anti-bacterial protection and excellent moisture-wicking properties, which makes them eight times more absorbent than cotton. The clothes are not wrinkled and ruffled by use.

The materials are cool to wear and great for businessmen and office workers with busy schedules. They can save a great deal of time and effort on ironing. The materials are treated with advanced UV-resistance technology to protect the skin from harmful UV rays as well as assure long-lasting outdoor weathering.

TNG places an emphasis on ‘green’ fashion to promote sustainable development as well as meet customers’ sophisticated demand in the increasingly competitive market. Vietnam is becoming a magnet to more international fashion brands due to the country’s large population of 100 million people and rising disposable income.