Vietnam electronics sector has contributed significantly to the development of the country.

The average annual growth rate of the electronics industry is between 20-30% between 2000 and 2010 and reaching 37.5% by 2014. Since 2012, electronics has become the largest export sector of Vietnam with turnover reaching 22.9 billion USD. This figure will continue to increase 58.1% to $ 36.2 billion in 2014. In 2016, the export turnover of this sector reached more than $ 57 billion.

However, export turnover is so great, but the value is mainly in FDI companies with low rate of using locally (about 20-30%).

Since 2005, a number of major Japanese electronic component manufacturers have expanded their operations in Vietnam, aiming to reduce the focus of production in the Chinese market in the context of the continued appreciation of the yuan. High labor costs. Vietnam is becoming increasingly attractive to Japanese electronics companies thanks to its highly skilled workforce and cheap labor, which is only half that of China. With this potential, Nidec Corp., Japan's largest precision-scaled engine manufacturer based in Kyoto, has invested about $ 1 billion in construction in Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City. The factories produce motors for use in personal computers and optical components for DVD recorders. Not only Nidec, Nitto Denko Corp is also investing in the manufacture of circuit boards for mobile phones in Binh Duong province. NEC Tokin Corp. has expanded its plant in Dong Nai province and moved part of its coil manufacturing facility in China to Vietnam.

Recently, many major electronic corporations of Japan to Hanoi to find partners: In February/2017, 19 corporations, big Japanese companies such as Canon, Tamron, NEC, Sony EM / CS, Honda, Yamaha, Toyota ... attended the first Trade Fair of manufacturing Hanoi in Hanoi to seek opportunities for cooperation. The event was organized by Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade and NC Network Vietnam Joint Stock Company. This is the first fair held in Vietnam, coinciding with the "Japan Parts Show 2017" of JETRO.