On September 19, 2018, the Department of Industry and Trade of Ho Chi Minh City had a meeting with Samsung Group to discuss solutions to support domestic enterprises to participate in global supply chain of Samsung.

At the meeting, many businesses said that Samsung's productivity enhancements enabled businesses to more quickly reach product quality standards in the global supply chain.

Minh Nguyen Co., Ltd., after being assisted by Samsung experts in applying new production solution, has overcome 92 technical errors in production, improved 60% of printing process and reduced the time to spare warehouse to 12 days. Profit from the company's revenue has increased by 16 times. The company is being supported by Samsung for the second time with the goal of improving quality by 50% and increasing the automation rate to 80%.

According to report from the Department of Industry and Trade of Ho Chi Minh City, so far, Samsung experts have helped improve production for about 15 businesses in the city.

General assessment of Samsung experts is the internal strength of the enterprises producing auxiliary products of Vietnam very well. The problem is that business leaders need to invest in improving product quality, productivity and enterprise management. Businesses must consider innovation as vital to improving their competitiveness, step by step to meet the demand from manufacturers such as Samsung or foreign-invested enterprises.

The Department of Industry and Trade will continue to remove barriers to administrative procedures to help businesses quickly access the city's support policies.