I. Legal status

Supporting industry information web portal is established by:

·        Decision No. 1556/QĐ-TTg dated 17th October 2012 signed by the Prime Minister to approve “Support for SMEs in supporting industry” project;

·        License No. 04/GP-TTĐT dated 13th February 2014 of the Authority of Broadcasting and Electronic Information.

II. Functions, name and address

1 . Functions of supporting industry information web portal

·        Provide information and policies of supporting industry, as well as the state management activities in supporting industry

·        Promote legal and related documents in supporting industry

·        Deploy public service activities of supporting industry

·        Provide information of businesses and companies in supporting industry

·        Provide services for businesses and companies in supporting industry (trade and promotion activities) 

2. Name: Supporting industry information web portal (website)

3. Address: www.support.gov.vn

III. Information and data

1.      General information of supporting industry (establishment, achievements, policies and development strategies, organization and management)

2.      Legal and related documents in supporting industry

3.      Information of projects in supporting industry

4.      Emails in supporting industry

5.      News in supporting industry activities (policies, activities, international relations)

6.      Information of meetings, seminars, workshops, trainings of supporting industry

7.      Information of individuals and companies working in supporting industry

8.      Information of trade opportunities in supporting industry

9.      Press releases, interviews and official announcements from the Ministry of Trade and Industry about supporting industry

10. Contacts of officials working in supporting industry at the Ministry of Trade and Industry

11. List of public services and online forms; instructions for individuals and organizations to find information and do business of supporting industry in the portal; promotional activities to connect people for trading in the website

12. Other information

IV. Prohibitions

1.        The use of information for:

a) Activities against the Socialist Republic of Vietnam or harmful to national and social security; national unity destruction; war supports: religious and ethnic conflicts; prostitutions and other social evils advertisements; fine customs destruction

b) Disclosure of national secrets in military, security, economy, international relations and other information stated by law

c) Provision of distorted information to calumniate people and organizations;

d) Dissemination of violated publications

e) Provision or connection to violated information stated in Article 6, Decision No. 97/2008/NĐ-CP dated 28th August 2008 of the Government in management, provision and usage of Internet services and information.

2.        Buying and selling prohibited goods

3.        Disrupting and destructing facilities or preventing the law in managing, providing and using Internet services

4.        Stolen activities of ID and passwords in Internet

5.        Creation of virus or harmful programs

6.        Against the Article 31 and 38 of Civil Law

7.        Violated information in intellectual property, E-commerce and other related legal regulations.