We supply products as follows:

1. Desiccant: Activated Alumina USA, India, China Porocel -Devson-Vanair-UOP, Silicagel 1g 20g 50g 100g 25kg, Molecular sieve 3A 4A 5A 13X ... used in gas steamer system plastic grain dryer, nitrogen machine, Co2, OZONE, deodorize, waste water treatment ...

2. Air compressor oil: Sulair, Atlas copco, Kobelco, Ingersoll Rand, Fusheng, Compair, Hitachi ... .- Air compressor oil Atlas copco (Roto xtend duty fluid 2901170100, Roto Z 2908850101, Ingersoll Rand (Ultracoolant 38459582, Supracoolant), Sullair (Sullube 32 250022669, summit club SB 46), Hitachi (Hiscrew oil 2000 55173320, Hiscrew oil next 2000 55173321, Kluber summit SH 46) , koberco genuie screw oil oil P-CDHD11-509), compair (SCW4000-20) ... and alternative oils, hydraulic oil: Kluber Summit, Shell, Idemitsu ...

3. Air compressor filters: Ingersoll Rand, Atlas Copco, Sullair, Hitachi, Fusheng ..., Replacement filter: Sotras - Mann

4. Hydraulic Filters: Donaldson, Hydac, Internormen.

5. Other compressor components: Seal, Seat, Phot, Oring, Desc-braid (Desiccant, dehumidifier, transformer filter) DC2, DC3.

6. Cleaning services, maintenance, repair and maintenance of compressors


Official Distributor of Dryoccel 848 Ducton-USA & DEV-101TM DeVSON-INDIA (India) in Vietnam, specialized in supplying compressor oil, air compressor filter, auxiliary air compressor, clean room filter, dehumidifier, moisture separator

Address: 51/9 Street No. 24, Linh Dong Ward, Thu Duc District

Phone: 0903196238 - (84- 28) 6684 8241 (Miss Vienna) Skype: minhngoc.0123 Zalo: 0903196238

Mail: sales001@congtyminhngoc.com

We are specializing in providing and supplying PVC Profiles for Industrial Brushes

Product information

- Mechanical strength, high hardness

- Good insulation

- Anti-corrosion and good chemical resistance

- Printing and welding well

- Fire protection

- Flexible thickness: 2,3,5,8,10 ... 30mm

- CNC punching easy, fast

- Flat, compact, easy to create, remove

Other products

To sell metal plate

To sell perforated metal sheet

To sell industrial auxiliary equipment

To sell Chubukoki LL-1000 lathe

To sell Electrical Engineering products

To buy aluminum bars

To buy steel scrap

To provide all kinds of cosse head, aluminum connecting pipe, grounding piles

To supply of equipment of hydropower plants: Diode, voltage meter, pressure gauge, thermostat, scanner

To sell stainless steel mesh, steel, weaving, double weaving

Delta offers anchor tools that are calibrated

Mechanical engineering, and manufacturing steel products.

To sell injection molding machines

To sell industrial knobs

Phu Dong stove PD17-K114 charcoal grills

Polish company looks for partners for business cooperation and investment in production equipment and machinery in agriculture

Components, industrial dust filter system

Mechanical equipment

DELIGHT FASHION Company is in need of liquidation of some equipment in the industry

A British company needs to find a manufacturer of metal wall brackets / brackets

SKD Vietnam limited company to sell processing parts, mechanical components of the mechanical hammer, roller ball bearings, clamp-hinge tape attachment hinges and punching.

DICA Electromechanical Trading Co.Ltd to sell the leipole JWT6011F Fan Controller

The company supplies for Aluminum: Introduce:High tensile strength Anti-corrosion High temperature resistence High quality

An Australian business needs to find a Vietnamese company to supply mechanical products

A Hungarian company would like to buy 25 tons of Chemical composition ZAMAK 5

All kinds of molds, blowing bottles, coin, mechanical, plastic products

Supply of equipment of hydropower plants: Diode, voltage meter, pressure gauge, thermostat, scanner

To sell Optical Spectrometer

To sell filter products

To sell grinding machine

To sell lathe with optical ruler

To sell machines

To sell welding machine

To sell Pneumatic cylinders SC

To sell roofing sheet

To sell STNC filter

To sell machines

To sell STAINLESS STEEL SUS420J OD 40.50 Standard: Japan (JIS), China (GB), USA (ASTM), Russia, ...

To sell round steel alloy SCM420 / 20CrMo / 4118 / 20CrMo4.

To sell INOX SUS321, X5CrNi189, 304S15 ...

To sell metal perforated, stretch steel, lozenge net, steel mesh.

To sell Spark Plug

To sell all kinds of chainsaw, chain gear KANA high quality

To supply Boiler Panel Tubes

To sell PLASMA CNC cutting machine

To supply mechanical device

To sell Rive perforator

To sell Alloy aluminum

To supply of stone for construction

To sell KuRaKi Lathe

To sell punching tool, blade tool, and machinery accessories

To sell S45C, S50C, SCM440, SCr420, 16Mn, Q355 ... SHAFT

To sell high-tech laser cutting machine

To sell Korean Seah (POSCO) steel.

To supply industrial machines equipment